Should You Homeschool Your Child Instead of Using the Public School System?

Growing up in California, homeschooling your child - even within the Christian community - is deemed to be evil, irresponsible and psychotic. 

When I was 18, I left public school looking back at years of wasted days learning things like how to write an essay on Hamlet, or fill-in-the-blank homework assignments on Middle Age wars, or being timed on running laps around the running track. 

To me, the idea that public school is somehow preparing our children for a bright future is an idea which is truly terrifying. In 2018, retail clerks are being replaced by purchasing on Amazon. Cars will soon be self-driving some time within the next 10 years. The average male is not moving out of their parents home until their late 20s. And more women are going to college to pursue a career than men are. 

Most of the country attends some sort of public or institutionalized school system, and people are graduating high school with a middle school ability to read, write and do math. Something is terribly wrong with the educational system in the United States. And yet the country still believes that alternatives like charter schools or homeschooling is somehow inferior. 

What's inferior is the public (and private) school system, where we teach our kids how to go to school to get a low-paying job and take on $40,000+ in college debt while learning no valuable skills such as: How to start a company, how to create a worthwhile product or service, how to clearly communicate or give a presentation, how to manage and project and see it to completion. All the skills required to have a successful career are not taught by schools. They are instead taught in the private sector, where people work to solve real problems in the world. 

Of course reading, writing, math, history and science are all important. All of those subjects are required to be studied in order to be able to skillfully communicate, or develop a new product, or learn how to learn.

But the idea of sending your child to a classroom where there are 20+ students to a single teacher, given meaningless homework assignments from a generic textbook, and taking multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank tests all seems like an insane person put these ideas together.

It's not easy to homeschool. How do you afford it? How can parents take all this time off to educate their kids? 

Justin Wood