Hi there!

My name is Melinda. I am a Wife to my love, J. We have two boys, Jayden Timothy (3y/o) and Josiah Cayden (1 y/o). J & I were born and raised in Orange County, California and met at our local Church where we volunteered. After 3 months of dating, J proposed to me and we got married one month later. We ended up getting pregnant with out firstborn 6 months after that, miscarried with our first girl between both boys and finally got pregnant with Josiah just 4 weeks after we miscarried with baby girl June. We have been married for almost 5 years now and just recently relocated to the Landon Branch Area in Waco, TX. 

If there is one word to describe the last almost 5 years together it would be 'Adventure.' It has always been an adventure with J. Mostly a fun, exciting, never know what to expect, roll with the punches, laugh till you cry type of adventures but sometimes they are the never know what to expect cry until you fall asleep type of adventures. All in all in the end after every type of adventure we always have each other, the support of our family, friends and special needs community and God who has never given us more than we can handle. This blog is a memoir of the good, the bad and the challenging of living together on a .5 acre farmhouse in TX with our wild John-Deere-loving 3 year old and our Special Needs, giggly, horse-loving boy who has showed us what real endurance is. My hope is that we never forget where we have come from and that this memoir will encourage people to see the beauty in the day to day life of a special needs child and family as well as be encouraged if you are new to being a special needs family.

M. x